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About GelX® (1)

GelX® is a mucoprotectant brand available in a 100ml oral solution spray. GelX®  is indicated for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis (OM) and is suitable for use in all ages. Alcohol-free. 

GelX® has a mild orange flavour and can be sprayed directly onto the lesions. The directional nozzle helps to reach all affected sites in the mouth. 

Who gets Oral Mucositis?

  • Patients undergoing head and neck radiotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and chemotherapy are at a high risk of developing OM. 

  • Studies have shown severe mucositis occurring in 29-66% of patients receiving radiation therapy for head and neck cancer. In these studies, the incidence of OM was especially high in patients with primary tumours in the oral cavity, oropharynx, or nasopharynx; those who also received concomitant chemotherapy; those who received a total dose over 5000 cGy, and those treated with altered fractionation radiation schedules. (2)

  • For patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy prior to haematopoeic cell transplantation, OM has been reported to be the single most debilitating complication of transplantation. (2)


How does GelX® work? (3)(5)

Mode of action

Biomechanical Benefits

  • Provides a bio-adhesive barrier for durable protection 

  • Blocks exposed nerve endings and coats oral lesions to soothe and relieve pain

  • Protects ulcerated tissue from further injury and bacterial colonisation

Anti-inflammatory Advantage

  • Adheres to mucosal surface and delivers a bioactive zinc-taurine complex

  • Releases bioactive zinc-taurine complex into epithelial cells

  • Combined anti-inflammatory properties of zinc and taurine have demonstrated a synergistic biological effect in vitro by regulating COX-2 mediated prostaglandins and inflammatory cytokines.

GELX Image.png

How does GelX® work? (3)(5)


Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), a polymer: 

  • High molecular weight ploymer

  • Coating and encapsulation of tissues

  • Provides a film that is permeable to water

Zinc Gluconate, a mineral salt, and Taurine, an amino sulfonic acid:

  • Forms bioactive zinc-taurine complex under physiological conditions

  • Provides bacteriostatic qualities without cyto-toxicity seen in other preservative systems

  • Effective in addressing mineral deficiency and inflammatory processes associated with oral pain and discomfort

  • Found to exert anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging, and analgesic effects

  • Delays onset of mucositis by inhibiting inflammatory cycle, pain relief through inhibition of COX-2 mediated prostaglandins.

GelX Icons.png

GelX®  Clinical Efficacy


Prevention of OM was achieved in 37.24% of patients. Of the remaining patients who did experience OM symptoms, 93.4% had a complete remission of their symptoms. (6)

The severity of OM (WHO scale) was improved, and the duration of OM was shorter after including GelX®  Oral Spray in the treatment. (6)

GelX®  Oral Spray helps remove pain caused by OM during high-risk chemotherapy in children with cancer. (7)

Swallowing and eating difficulties were reduced, compared with OM symptoms from previous cycles treated with the same therapeutic measures but without GelX® Oral Spray. (6)

There were no delays in treatment caused by the severity of OM.  (6)

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison table.png


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