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How to Use GelX®

A guide for patients who have been prescribed GelX® Oral Spray

How does GelX® work? (1)

GelX® Oral Spray is indicated for the management of pain and relief of pain caused by oral mucositis by adhering to the mucosal surface of the mouth, soothing the lesions caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. 

It can also be used as a preventive treatment before chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to protect the oral mucosa. Alcohol-free. 

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Directions for Use (1)


Take the top off and apply vaporiser

Direct the vaporiser towards the lesion inside the mouth and spray three times

Repeat three times per day. Avoid swallowing any substances, solid or liquid, for at least one hour after each application​​

Patient Resources

GelX® Oral Spray

Patient Instructions for Use

GelX® Oral Spray

Information Booklet

Adverse Incidents Reporting


Adverse incidents should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at 


Adverse incidents should also be reported to Galen Limited on 028 3833 4974 and select the customer services option, or email


Medical information enquiries should also be directed to Galen Limited. 


References: 1.  GelX Oral Spray Instructions for Use.            

Date of preparation: August 2022     MAT-GELX OS-UK-000017​​

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