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GelX® helps patients take control

GelX®: How it works

GelX® is a mucoprotectant brand available in a 100ml oral solution spray, indicated for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis and suitable for use in all ages and all ethnic cultures. (1)

  • Provides a bio-adhesive barrier for durable protection

  • Blocks exposed nerve endings and coats oral lesions to soothe and relieve pain (1)(2)

  • Aids patients in coping with oral mucositis and completing long-term treatment goals. (3)

GelX® helps patients take control (3)


  • Helps prevent mucositis and promotes healing

  • Helps remove pain caused by oral mucositis during high-risk chemotherapy with children in cancer

  • Duration of mucositis was shorter after including GelX® Oral Spray in treatment

  • Greater oral comfort enables good nutrition and hydration

  • Significant prevention and reduction of swallowing difficulties, comparing with mucositis symptoms from previous cycles treated with the same therapeutic measures, but without GelX® Oral Spray

  • There were no delays in treatment caused by the severity of oral mucositis

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Clinical Evidence

  • The use of GelX® in the prevention and soothing of cancer-therapy-induced oral mucositis has been clinically proven in children and adults suffering from a variety of malignancies. (3-5)

  • The preventive use of GelX® when starting radiotherapy has been shown to reduce the severity of mucositis.(3)

  • The preventive use of GelX® has been shown to reduce the severity of oral mucositis (WHO scale) during chemotherapy and improve eating and swallowing in children. (4)(5)

  • GelX® reduces the need to interrupt chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment due to oral mucositis. (3)

  • GelX® reduces pain and swallowing difficulties caused by chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in children with cancer. (5)

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Adverse Incidents Reporting


Adverse incidents should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at 


Adverse incidents should also be reported to Galen Limited on 028 3833 4974 and select the customer services option, or email


Medical information enquiries should also be directed to Galen Limited. ​​

References:  1. GelX® Oral Spray Instructions for Use. 2. Biswal BM. Current trends in the management of oral mucositis related to cancer treatment. Malaysian J Med Sci. 2008; 15(3):4-13. Ld. 3. Niculita O. et al. The efficacy of polyvinylpyrrolidone-Zn Gluconate and Taurine in the prevention of Oral Mucositis in Haematological Patients. Rev. Chim., 71 (8), 2020, 195-205 4. Colita, A. et al. Single-center, open-label safety and efficacy. The efficacy of PVP-zinc gluconate and taurine gel (GelX) in prophylaxis and treatment of oral mucositis in children treated with chemotherapy. 15 patients GelX Oral Spray Poster at EHA, June 2015. Vienna. 5. Dragomir, M. Single-center, open-label safety and efficacy ongoing study. Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in children with cancer. 15 patients treated with GelX Oral Spray. Poster presented at the ECCO Congress, Sep 2015. Vienna. 

MAT-GELX OS-UK-000016 Date of Preparation: August 2022

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